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A New Perspective

I’ve been super excited about Ariana Minamoto, aka Miss Universe Japan, ever since she started making headlines. My country of culture is extremely old skool (*cough*overly-traditional*cough*), so to have someone who’s hafu or of mixed race represent them is HUGE. It’s on par with Obama becoming President of the United States.

As some of you know, I work on beauty pageants. It’s not a guaranteed gig, but I’ve been lucky enough to work on eight of them in the past four years. The show is a fun one, but I haven’t been this excited since my very first pageant.

Miss Universe 2015

This girl is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m sure your first reaction is she doesn’t look Japanese. Next to me, it’s fair to say she looks more American than I do. But when you hear her talk and see her gestures, she’s one hundred per cent Japanese. And what kills me is that I’d probably have an easier time getting around Japan than she would, just because I look like the majority. In many interviews, she admitted that she was bullied for her skin color; when she was little, other kids didn’t want to hold her hand because they thought her color would rub off onto them.

I’m proud of her for having the courage to go through the pageant circuit. I’m thrilled that I got a chance to take this picture with her (although it made me miss my grandma – she loved it when I sent her pics of the current Miss Japan). And I’m grateful she’s given me a new perspective on being a minority.

Phonetically Typing…

One of my former co-workers will occasionally send me emails to help me pass the time. More often than not, the contents are about what kind of food was served in the employee cafeteria.

Today’s email read as follows:
dateThu, Feb 4, 2010 at 1:18 PM
mailed-by:[former servitude].com

Was utterly disgusting! It was roasted chicken and that manoodle – that stomach lining thing. Gross! Ew!

I had to think a few seconds before I realized she was talking about menudo. Had she not mentioned “that stomach lining thing,” I probably would have thought she was talking about the cafeteria’s version of chow mein.

Her response when I corrected her: Menudle, menoodle, man-noodle…whatever! LOL.

Man-noodle. Ew.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 4

As weird as it sounds, I’m thankful that I’m still employed. Even though my future with Corporate America is up in the air, I’m pretty sure that I’ll stay with my current company for the remainder of the year.

Don’t worry, I am keeping an eye out for job openings.

You Know, the One With Big Boobs?

I’ll admit it: I rarely do anything without the Yellow Peril at work. So when the IT manager told me he was going off property to pick up some laundry and then eat, I asked him if I could go with.

While we were eating, he mentioned that his photography models have been asking about his relationship status (i.e. why he’s still single). This has been asked every time he takes them out to dinner after a shoot.

“I had dinner with one of my models,” he says.

“Which one?” I ask.

“The Asian one,” he replies.

“Which one was that one?”

“You know, the one with the big boobs?”

“That takes out about 2 girls from your catalog.”

These are the types of conversations I have with my IT department. If we weren’t so strapped for cash, I’d have transferred down there months ago.

We Stand By Tradition

My current workplace prides itself on tradition.  Unlike other places that are similar to our industry, we don’t opt for fancy upgrades or modern apperances.  We stick with the classics.

Sticking with the classics doesn’t always mean it’s good.  I have a feeling that our company is one of the last major corporations to rely on Internet Explorer 6 and may be hinted at in this article. Heh.

If it were up to me, I’d have downloaded IE 8 onto my computer already. Unfortunately the system our company uses relies on IE 6 and IE 6 only. I made this discovery when I tried to complete a training program from home; the window told me that I would be better if I downgraded my internet capabilities so the program could run smoothly.

So on behalf of my company, I would like to apologize for holding back the internet from progressing.

In not-so-form-letter apologies, our bad.

Business First, Safety Second

We Los Angelinos have been quite the attention-getter as of late with all the earthquakes going on. (I mistook the one that happened yesterday in Hawthorne to be a truck rolling down a driveway.) It’s been enough for all of us to start heavily reviewing earthquake safety and survival. And with me being the walking crash test dummy, you bet I’m paying closer attention to things around me.

Today our Security department made an annoucnement over the PA system to announce that they were investigating the nature of the fire alarm that just went off. Shortly after, Security came on again to announce that there was a false alarm and that there was no cause to be worried. I wish I could say that this was a rare occurance, but in an old building almost anything will set off a fire alarm in a certain section of the hotel (I couldn’t hear the alarm, so it must have been somewhere on the guest levels). On the plus side, at least we know it’s working, right?

Unfortunately a group of business people did not see it that way. They’re having an event in our main ballroom and were disturbed enough to send someone down to complain about the disruption. Apparently the announcements were disturbing the group’s meeting and they were incredibly angry that Security had to repeat the message twice. To quote the man who came down to my office, “Tell them to stop it. Just stop it.”

*cough* Um…ok. Sorry we tried to warn you of a possible disaster.

This reminds me of some comments a guest had left during brush fire season. I actually went through my old Livejournal account for this because it was too good to pass up! In the comment section of the standard visit survey, the guest wrote the following:

prevented the fires in San Diego so I could have completed my business trip!!

My apologies. I’ll make sure to prevent the next earthquake too.

I don’t know if that guest was joking or not, but that’s just in bad taste.

I also wasn’t aware that as a member of the Hospitality Working Force, I am omnipotent. I mean, I am potentially responsible for plane crashes and have the power to bring death, but asking me to control the land and weather? That’s just a bit much.

Subject: *headdesk*

It’s a slow day in the office, and I was so efficient in the morning hours that it left me with nothing to do in the afternoon.

Until this Guest Assistance file popped into my inbox.

Note: the email below is taken in its exact context.

Can I just say that the fact that you do not have in room internet is a embarrassment?! Then on top of that when I go to the “business center” every other website I go to is closed (facebook, sportsline). Hey here is a tip, it is 2009!!!! dumba$$es you are the only hotel in the world that charges 9.99 a night for internet.

First off, the hotel I work at does have wifi connection in all 1,234 rooms. Where this guest’s wireless card is, I’m not sure.

Second, I’m not sure what hotel he was in, as the going wifi rate is $12.95 for 1 day or $5.95 for 1 hour.

Third, I’m thinking the first response was denied, since there’s the usage of the “$” instead of the letter “s” for “dumbasses”.

This is the standard response I crank out when we get internet fee complaints:

Dear [guest],

Thank you for taking your personal time to share comments from your recent visit to the [hotel]. Our individual guest feedback is absolutely the most useful tool in targeting areas of opportunity in the hotel and the most accurate method of measuring overall guest satisfaction. I know that you took time out of your day to share your thoughts with us and want to extend my gratitude.

The hotel is extremely conscious of any additional fees our guests incur, internet especially. Each month our Guest Services team completes a survey of our neighboring hotels to ensure our pricing structure is competitive in all areas. Our internet rates average about $12.95/24 hours and fall in the median range of the various hotels in the [Los Angeles] area. We are empathetic that additional fees are viewed as an inconvenience and I apologize that this may have had an impact on your visit.

Should you have any other comments or suggestions for us to help make your next stay a better one, please let me know.

Warm Regards,


I sincerely hope this guest gets annoyed enough to write back to me. :D

Best Work-Related April Fool

Corporate America people are not that creative when it comes to pranks. More often than not it’s the removal of a stapler or the phone getting unplugged so you can’t make calls.

It helps when you work with someone who celebrates Halloween to its fullest; you know for sure that something will go down on April 1st. And she got me and the IT department good last year.

I have a snazzy wireless keyboard and mouse on my desk at work. The biggest downfall of these two is that I don’t really know when the batteries need to be recharged until one or the other stops working completely. So on April 1, 2008, I figured this happened when my mouse stopped working.

Of course, I was going to troubleshoot as much as possible before I went to Prop Ops to get new batteries. I shook it, I double checked the cables for the router to the keyboard and mouse, restarted the computer, and readjusted the position of said router in case of obstruction.

No dice.

I realized the inevidable and got up to get batteries. And it wasn’t until I flipped the mouse over did I see this covering the laser:

Day 92: April Fool

At first I thought IT had played this joke on me, because one of them had been hovering around my desk. When I called to say, “Haha guys, real funny,” I was told that the same thing happened down in their office.

It turns out that the Halloween Diva had taken the liberty of creating the stickers and going around to our desks to screw with us.

It was a pretty funny work joke. The sad part is, I know she only did this to about 3 other people besides myself, because no one else would have gotten the gist of it. :\

P.S.Happy half-birthday, Paula Bergan!