Now With Asian Hotness

It’s not to say that the Slackmistress and Be The Boy aren’t made of hotness, but you’ve got to admit, an Asian chick makes things hotter to the xth power.

Live TV : Ustream

Even though I was the runner-up for the guest host spot on Be The Marriage, and I only had about 5 minutes of screen time about 47 minutes into the show (with some offside commentary and giggling), I’d like to think that I helped to boost ratings during my cameo.

Of course, I wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for the fabulous Slackmistress and Oslowe.

And Daisy J. Wonderdog, keeping me company in the wings (or using me for tummy rubs).

My Smart Ass Puts In Its Two Cents

There’s a hyperlink on Google for Google Latitude. Apparently it’ll help you find out where your friends are.

The smart ass in me says, “Pfft. I know where my friends are.”

In my heart.

Heh, you’re all a good crowd.

Quiet On The Home Front

The upsides of staying with my parents while my car is being fixed:
1. There’s always food in the fridge.
2. No early curfew on weekdays (although I can’t really blame my roommate – she leaves the house at 6:45AM).
3. Use of a landline to find my phone when it gets burried underneath a pile of laundry.

The downsides of staying with my parents while my car is being fixed:
1. Someone always standing over you in the morning to make sure you wake up on time for work.
2. Re-adjusting to being “the kid.”
3. Constant nagging on whether or not you’ve paid your bills.
4. Having to share one computer with another person.

I’ve been able to keep myself occupied and sane by the following things:
1. Reading my copy of The Complete Far Side Collection.
2. Playing my ukulele.
3. Working a little bit on my script.
4. Dinner at 8 oz. with the Slackmistress and NoirBettie with a celebrity crush viewing of James Spader at the booth next to us.

I can’t complain. However, if my car isn’t ready by tomorrow, I’ll definitely be cranky.

Fear Me, I Bring Death

It’s not quite as funny as that episode of Family Guy where Death gets injured and Peter takes over, but I seem to have the skill to bring death to those I see on the television.

My first act of mortality came casually. I was 15 or so, scanning the magazine racks at one of the favorite hangouts on the Promenade. On the cover of a music magazine was the [rather large] face of Big Pun, and I made a remark of, “Man, I wonder how he can breathe; he’s so big! He looks like a giant baby.” My BFF was with me, and we giggled over the picture.

A week or two later, he was dead. My BFF called me and started off with, “Remember how we were making fun of Big Pun? Well…he died.”

Of course, I felt bad. It felt like I had issued the hit to my button men of health and they took him out.

Fast forward to 2005. Glenn and I were still dating at that point; we were chatting when I told him my Big Pun story. Then the words fly from my fingers: “It was completely random. Like if I mentioned Peter Jennings.”

World News Tonight on ABC came on with the announcement that someone is filling in for Peter Jennings. I panicked for a second, but realized that the Pope had just passed away and that he might be traveling to cover the funeral.

A few days later, Glenn sends me an email with a news link that breaks Peter Jenning’s announcement of being diagnosed with lung cancer. “You really did kill him” were the words that accompanied the link.

However, I take absolutely no blame in the tragic car accident that took the life of Nick Adenhart early this morning. Yes, I was there last night at The Studio Bar. Yes, I watched the Angels game with Glenn, Greg, Jeff, Reese, and Bill. Yes, I told my Peter Jennings story.

But I can’t take credit for this one.

What Does “The L Word” Mean?


That’s the L word I’m going to apply to the show from now on.

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about how I had made “The Chart”. My name, with the exact same spelling, was right underneath the name Tina was writing on the board to reflect Bette’s infidelity.

That was kind of funny.

Now I’m annoyed by a more recent turn of events.

I’ve just finished Season Four. Apart from the seemingly outrageous plot twists that have been coming up, the straw that broke the camel’s back was this one:


“The L Word” cast supposedly lives in and around the LA area. Most of the filming is shot in Canada for cost purposes. My guess is that the section of Canada they film in has a Dunkin Donuts in the area, because Paige is enjoying a hot cup of something that has the oh-so-familiar pink and orange logo. And that is a huge lie.

Los Angeles does not have Dunkin Donuts.

Don’t lead people to think we’ve got them here, Showtime. You can’t try and tell me, “It’s just fiction!” I enjoy Dunkin Donuts too much for you to pull that card.

Because the Poor Have Time to Kill

script frenzy

script frenzy

I signed up for this. It should keep me out of trouble this month, especially since I am getting a few pennies back from the Federal Government (CA has yet to be calculated).

Unlike National Novel Writing Month, I won’t get caught struggling for mundane ideas to fill up the pages. My script will be a series of short films whose stories will be based on whatever free iTune song is available for the week, regardless if I like it or not.

So figure it’s about 4 songs for the month of April, which will be 4 short films, which breaks down to about 25 minutes (pages) apiece. This shouldn’t be too bad. My scriptwriting class in college asked for a 30-page script by the end of the 16 week semester and I managed to crank out two shorts based on Haruki Murakami stories.

Fun fact: somehow I managed to get a A in the class, despite the fact that I didn’t show up for “finals” and that my story line was too “abstract” for it to be sold in Hollywood.

Best Work-Related April Fool

Corporate America people are not that creative when it comes to pranks. More often than not it’s the removal of a stapler or the phone getting unplugged so you can’t make calls.

It helps when you work with someone who celebrates Halloween to its fullest; you know for sure that something will go down on April 1st. And she got me and the IT department good last year.

I have a snazzy wireless keyboard and mouse on my desk at work. The biggest downfall of these two is that I don’t really know when the batteries need to be recharged until one or the other stops working completely. So on April 1, 2008, I figured this happened when my mouse stopped working.

Of course, I was going to troubleshoot as much as possible before I went to Prop Ops to get new batteries. I shook it, I double checked the cables for the router to the keyboard and mouse, restarted the computer, and readjusted the position of said router in case of obstruction.

No dice.

I realized the inevidable and got up to get batteries. And it wasn’t until I flipped the mouse over did I see this covering the laser:

Day 92: April Fool

At first I thought IT had played this joke on me, because one of them had been hovering around my desk. When I called to say, “Haha guys, real funny,” I was told that the same thing happened down in their office.

It turns out that the Halloween Diva had taken the liberty of creating the stickers and going around to our desks to screw with us.

It was a pretty funny work joke. The sad part is, I know she only did this to about 3 other people besides myself, because no one else would have gotten the gist of it. :\

P.S.Happy half-birthday, Paula Bergan!

Hot Star Maps Release Party


My good friend and white Jewish twin, Pam Shaffer, is about ready to release a new E.P. this Sunday, April 5th.

Click on the pic above to get the release party info, or just drop me a line. Sexy librarians, fun times, and schmoozing with a bunch of musicians and artists – what more can you ask for?

Yes, I Think I Can [Back-Up] Host

A couple of weeks ago I posted this in the hopes that I might get selected to be Will’s fill-in on Be The Marriage. Being one who hates suspense, I thought I’d wait ’til after the show to find out who the winner was. Unfortunately, a night of dinner with my parents, followed by a Korean soap opera, wasn’t too thrilling, so I caught the last 30 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was the runner-up for the show.

Some of you might say, “But you didn’t win! How is that good?”

I say to the some of you: being a runner-up is a pretty damn good thing. Look at the list of American Idols. A lot of times we forget who won, but we usually remember who the runner-up was.

In Loving Memory

I only met him once, and spent only a few hours with him, but I have to say that this was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever come across:

Day 66: boodha and bella

The one standing, Boodha, passed away last Thursday. He had cancer, but he was a real trooper: apart from some struggles in standing up after a nap, he’d lumber along, happy as a clam.

Boodha was a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix; I was a little bit nervous in meeting him because the temperment of both breeds is on the notorious side. He totally displaced any fears I had when he came up and gave me a doggie kiss – it was like having a big teddy bear come up to you and shower you with affection.

I got the text from my friend Irma this evening: I’ve been meaning to tell u something but haven’t had the heart to tell you. [Boodha] was put to sleep last Thurs. I miss him! So weird going to work w/out him there.

It’s funny how much of an impact a dog can have on you, even if you only spend a moment with each other. Boodha, I hope you can find Whiskey and Murphy up in doggie heaven; you all can share cancer stories. And little smokies.