Moscow and Beauty Queens and Cameras, Oh My!

I’ve got a few days to go before my trip to Moscow and yet I’m still in disbelief that I’m going.

Because, really, who makes Russia their “must see” destination? Certainly not this girl.

On Monday I fly out to Moscow, which will be my home for almost twenty-eight days. After three consecutive Miss USA Pageants, I finally got selected to be a part of the Remotes Production crew for Miss Universe. I’m super excited, super nervous, and super dreading the jet lag when I get back.

Things I know I’m going to miss:
1. The relatively calm weather of California. It’s going to be chilly and rainy when I land in Moscow, with snow towards the latter part of my stay. (I don’t even want to think about the limited amount of sunlight.)
2. Female companionship. Being with Remotes means I’m mostly in Boys’ Town, and even though I love working with these guys, there are days I just want to dish about clothing and accessories.
3. Tacos. Just because.
4. Having all of you “around” within a reasonable time zone. The distance between LAX and Moscow (according to my flight itinerary) is just a tiny bit shy of seven thousand miles, and with a time difference of eleven hours, communicating with people back home will be tricky.
5. Being able to recognize text. At least when I was in Germany, I could make out certain words because we share a similar alphabet.

Did I mention that I was excited and nervous?

I can’t even figure out a way to end this post. So I won’t.

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