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Crate & Barrel Wouldn’t Lie To Me

Last night, I was winding down with an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” It’s not that I enjoy the show, but if it’s on, I’ll watch about fifteen minutes’ worth. (My pleasure in watching this show is the same pleasure I got out of “John and Kate Plus Eight” – it’s a fabulous train wreck.)

I just finished screaming out my frustration at the women who were spending six thousand dollars on their dream dress (YOU CAN’T EVEN PEE IN IT BY YOURSELF!) when the commercial break started. A white background with black text and a catchy tune playing in the background flashed on the screen:

It’s the second to last set of text that made me literally scream out loud, “SAY WHAAAAT?!”

Mark & Katie

The VBF’s name and the oldest version of my name was right there on TV. Followed by the Crate and Barrel logo. What I’m taking away from this commercial: the VBF and I will someday go shopping at Crate and Barrel, because the TV said we would. And the TV never lies, at least not to me. Plus, it’s backed by Crate and Barrel, one of my favorite home stores in the entire world.

It’s the VBF’s birthday today, so I won’t ruin his day by suggesting we need to buy matching coffee mugs. We’ll pick them up later this weekend. ;)