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It Smells Like Christmas

The VBF was shopping for Christmas presents for his family when he shared his philosophy on gift giving: Get them something they’ve been wanting but wouldn’t buy for themselves. It’s usually something practical, but it could be pushed down the list into the “When I Have Extra Cash” section.

At the start of December, the VBF was getting a jump on his Christmas shopping for his family. We popped into a small boutique gift shop in Downtown Culver after brunch and looked around. All kinds of items were displayed: handmade stuffed animals, one-of-a-kind jewelry, fancy candles…everything to please the hipster palate.

We were browsing through various scented candles when I came across a white frosted glass jar with a pine tree on the front. The candle smelled exactly like a Christmas tree – something I missed terribly after my parents switched to an artificial one three years ago. I almost bought it, but the price tag was outrageous, so I inhaled deeply and got a little nostalgic.

Fast forward to the weekend before Christmas. The VBF and I were exchanging gifts early, as he was flying to Alabama for the holidays. He handed me a brown paper bag that had been tied with ribbons on top. I dug past the tissue paper on top, and discovered this:

Christmas present

It was the candle I had picked up at the boutique. He remembered that I really liked it, but knew that I would never buy it for myself. That alone makes this candle the best present I’ve received from a boy.