Improve On Improv

These days it feels like my job is mostly compiling lists. If you need some kind of list within the span of an hour, I’ll get you a list with pictures, links, and the option of having it in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. Grocery, comparison, quotes…you name it, I’ve probably done it.

I’ve had to do some brainstorming with my boss for specific talent over the past couple of weeks. This required me to think of things related to improvisational comedy, or improv for short. My boss sent out an email to the client to discuss specifics, and typed out “improve comedy.” I knew it was a typo, so I didn’t say anything.

The response that came back from the client also contained the word “improve comedy” in the body of their email. No biggie, they were probably typing quickly.

Two or three emails later, both my boss and the client were using the term “improve comedy.” Most of these emails came from a computer source, and not a smartphone (I’m basing this on the fact that the company logo accompanied our client’s signature every time a reply was sent). It was enough for me to question aloud whether “improv” had changed its spelling:

I’ll be honest: I felt kind of stupid to have to ask that kind of question on Twitter. But I’ve had to face the fact that “grey” doesn’t cut it anymore in America – “gray” is the correct spelling in this country, and it’s been a hard transition for me. For all I know, a memo went out that “improve” is the acceptable modern spelling for “improv,” and I missed it. And the chain of emails had me thinking that a silent e had been added sometime in the new decade.

Thank you, Twitter peeps, for setting the record straight. I love that you guys are geeky enough to worry about spelling with me.

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