I Love Margarita, She’s a Sweet Gal

In Santa Monica, you can see this sign if you park in the structure near 2nd and Wilshire (and if you park towards the promenade side):


It’s just an ad for Mexican food and something that belongs to Margarita:

I’m guessing the bottom half of the sign must have blown away during a windy session or they had a tight budget and hoped that people would think that margaritas were being offered instead. It’s things that this that break my heart, because I’m sure Miss Margarita could have offered something wonderful.

Seriously, people. Take the time to do a little spell checking before you put stuff up. Demand a discount from your printer if the item didn’t come out the way you wanted. And placing the sign on the back of your establishment does not guarantee that it will not be criticized. A lot of employees would park on that side of the structure (I’m speaking from experience) and probably see it at least four times a week.

Oh well.

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