Where I’ve Been…

As good as it gets when someone’s eyes have just opened.

Mind you, I’m not getting a puppy. I’m all for adopting dogs from shelters and saving strays. There are tons of dogs out there who need a good home, and I don’t encourage people to breed their pets.

HOWEVER, a friend of mine’s dog just had a litter and I haven’t held a puppy in seventeen years. There’s something wickedly adorable about holding a creature that fits in the palm of your hand which will grow to be about forty pounds in just six months.

I’ve been visiting my friend every weekend to participate in puppy-sitting and potty patrol. I’ve been bitten, peed on, and checked for milk (it’s amazing how fast puppies find your boobs, even when you’re holding them at arm’s length). I’ve broken up games when someone’s being a little too rough (which breaks down to having more teeth and being a little bit bigger in size). I’ve even chased a squatting pup so the poo doesn’t hit the carpet.

Me being a mommy? Highly doubtful. Me raising a puppy one of these days? Definitely probable.

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