New Year’s Nightmare

My New Year has started off with a nightmare. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad sign, or if it’s a sign of the future apocalypse that will happen in 2012. Much of it was too scary to mention (I’m sleeping with a light on tonight), but the part that was most disturbing to me: my grandpa came back as a zombie. He didn’t have the decayed look of a movie zombie – in fact, he looked pretty much as I last saw him. What gave him away was that he was walking stiffly, holding his head to the left (kinda like the opening part of the zombie dancers in “Thriller”).

I’m guessing this was his way of complaining that I haven’t been to visit his grave recently.

The worst part of the dream is that the zombies were able to multiply with both living AND dead people. I’m still trying to figure out if there’s meaning behind this, or if it’s a sign that falling asleep while watching old Woody Allen movies is a definite no-no.

  1. I’d be happy if my dead father came to visit me in my sleep even if it was in Zombie form. This way, I’d know he was thinking of me, even if it was to eat my brains or other living flesh. Lucky for me, we keep his remains in a niche located at a cemetery that’s on a regular running route for me, therefore I visit him quite often. Last time I was there, a maintenance worker caught me having an argument with him. Well, not really an argument, since my dad couldn’t yell at me through his urn and the glass that separated us. It was also more about me complaining that he hasn’t come to visit me yet and how annoyed I was at him dying, since I could have still used his advice. The maintenance worker that saw me just laughed when his witnessed me and when I asked him said that I have been the only one to come into the mausoleum and have a fight with a dead relative since he’s worked there. I don’t see why not, as you are most assured to in the argument, since the dead usually don’t argue back, especially the cremated ones, since their voice boxes have been reduced to ashes.

  2. I had a zombie dream once. It was nighttime, I was in my house, and I looked outside the widow and saw a bunch of them walking down the street. That was weird.

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