New Year’s Eve

Last year, I wrote an open letter to 2010, putting in some requests for improvement. These are the things that were made better:

1. I found work after being unemployed for four months. LA pulled a trump card on me, as my plan at the time was to look for a job out of state by March 31st if nothing came my way; I received an official offer letter on March 26th.
2. I made the cliche resolution of getting back into shape with the new year. Being unemployed at the start gave me plenty of time to visit the gym. Working with people who aggressively take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and go out to swim in the ocean before work furthered my dedication to at least stay relatively active. As a result, I’m back in quite a bit of clothing from my retail days (when I was striving to be as close to a size zero as possible).
3. Only run in with the law I had this year was the speeding ticket I received on the 90 Freeway (the one that will go to the Marina to Fox Hills). Much better than having to deal with a court hearing about my car accident.
4. Didn’t have to put much money into my car this year. A tire blew, which lead to having to purchase four new ones due to cracks. Much cheaper than having the engine taken apart, getting hit in the parking lot of your workplace, and then having the car totaled shortly after.

Do I have demands for 2011? Not really. It wasn’t a stellar year, but it was definitely better than what the end of last decade brought me. My only pending request is that a four-legged friend will eventually become a fixture in my life.

Do I have any resolutions? Right now the only one I really have is to blog more often. :)

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