What I’m Thankful For, Pt. 3

One of the benefits of working in an environmentally conscious industry is that the people are HEALTH FREAKS. Not in a hardcore vegan-only, no glutton, organic way, but enough for me to really take a look at my diet and realize all of the junk I was eating.

Which probably accounted for the twenty pounds I put on during unemployment, eating frozen food and instant ramen all the time.

Being fully aware of the need to reduce my carbon footprint, I started walking a lot more to places around the office for coffee or for lunch. Lucky for me, I’ve got three different grocery stores, tons of eating options, and a DSW right within a twenty minute walking radius around me. FedEx is located less than a block away, so shipments are ridiculously easy to process. And there’s a hospital about a mile away from the office, which is fantastic.

Working with healthy people also meant that everyone was relatively fit. My first few weeks on the job had me feeling like the fat kid in class, so I stepped up my visits to the gym. (One of the PMs here actually swims out to the first buoy once a week – nothing I’m hoping to accomplish, but damn.) I also quit visiting my late night fast-food places after a drinking binge and opted for a really, really big bowl of Trader Joe’s O’s with skim milk. Before I knew it, I had to go out and buy new pants because the old ones just weren’t staying up anymore. Clothing from my retail days were fitting again.

The biggest bonus, of course, is feeling attractive again. I’ve gone from getting “You’re cute” from guys to getting “You’re hot.” And that’s a huge boost to my self-esteem. So thanks go out to my office for keeping me on track, and for also being the office that won’t bring cakes and donuts in every week.

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