What I’m Thankful For, Pt. 2

Obviously the biggest thing I’m thankful for this year is that my unemployment gig only lasted for four months. I realize this sounds like bragging, but I was seriously worried. The recession just fully hit the hospitality industry in LA, and I’d managed to survive three rounds of layoffs during 2009. My dismissal was done quietly; it was just myself and another sales manager (which I wouldn’t find out about until the following day).

My search for a job had me worried. The only real things I was qualified to do was either work for a hotel, serve as a personal assistant, or go back to retail. There wasn’t much call for either of the first two industries, and I had completely missed the holiday hiring season. Unemployed friends in California warned me about a hiring freeze statewide, which had me looking at other locations (mainly the East Coast – multiple job postings were EVERYWHERE in the hospitality industry, and at some of the oldest and hardest hotels to even find positions were posting).

So I made a deal with myself: if I couldn’t find a job by the end of March, I’d borrow a friend’s New York address for my resume and begin looking elsewhere for work. By the second week into March, I began to fill out applications through my old hotel brand for positions at the Waldorf and Corporate Headquarters (which had just moved over to Washington D.C.). It went far enough to receive a call back from Corporate to see why I was interested, and I stretched the truth: my family was located in New York and I wanted to be closer to them. Mentally, I began preparing myself to living in a place that actually had weather and seasons. Los Angeles and I were coming to an end.

Then LA decided to pull a trump card on me, and a job offer was made on the table. I was taking a pay cut, but it was better than living off of the [severely broke] state. The company was just a little over 4 miles away from the house, the people were close to my age, and it was an environmentally focused industry that I found myself plunging into. I could wear open-toed heels, not wear nylons under skirts, and had the options of jeans on Fridays! (Working for Corporate America does not allow for these luxuries.)

My means of employment helped get me out of the depressive state I was under, and I slowly made my way back into my social circle of friends. The internet didn’t annoy me anymore (it seemed like everyone was at work or at least doing something with their time), which was a major relief – how could I not find joy in Newgrounds, TMZ, and Wikipedia? THE HORROR.

This job is definitely amongst the most interesting I’ve had. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but hopefully the kinks will be worked out soon. But I’ve got steady income, I’m paying off credit card debt, and I’m not anywhere as depressed as I was at the start of the year.

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