Testing, Testing

Hi, party people. I’ve been around, just uber busy with work and getting back into the swing of things socially. In short, this breaks down to:

1. Making time for friends, even on school nights.
2. Supporting friends’ bands.
3. Staying active with volunteering gigs.
4. Making a point to see movies before they hit DVD/cable.
5. Dating.

That last one you read was correct. This anti-social girl who was tired of the dating game for three years is slowly making a point to get out on the market. *cough*Friends-who-have-single-friends-drop-my-name-if-you’d-be-so-kind.*cough* And why not? Changes are happening: I’ve gone down a dress size, I’ve managed to visit the gym on a twice-a-week basis by myself for near five months now, and I’m able to get back into a lot of clothing from my retail days (a huge accomplishment, as I was nearing a size four back then).

To kick off the holiday season, I’m going to do my posts on What I’m Thankful For, all the way up to Thanksgiving Day. Last year I did a week’s worth, but obviously I’m going to be pressed for time for 2010.

How have you all been doing?

  1. I can relate. I hate it when Real Life gets in the way of my precious blogging time.

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