Happy Birthday, Jamison!

It’s Jamison’s birthday today. He’s getting a little bit fussier as he gets older, but when you come right down to it, so am I.

Jamison, as you may recall, is the one I refer to as the gay ex-husband. We spent many hours together working retail, and that’s solid material that will forge a bond with almost any person. Add in the apartment, working for Corporate America, and a never-ending debate over what makes for a good boyfriend and you’ve got a relationship that will probably include visits to each other’s retirement communities.

Day 276
He even helps assemble furniture!

Happy Birthday, Jamison! While we may not be young enough to do a martini crawl through WeHo anymore, I have to say that you’d be the first one I’d call if I found myself yearning for a drink over at East West.

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