Dog Volunteering Day Is A Very Dangerous Day

I absolutely adore doing my part with the Bill Foundation. These people let me sit with tons of dogs and get free love. Every other Sunday I come home with dog hair, what are hopefully dirt stains streaked on the front of my shirt, and some minor scratches from overzealous Chihuahuas who demand love immediately.

Today was a little bit special, because I walked out with more than I usually do.

I arrived later than usual, due to Father’s Day brunch at Off Vine. (Yes! It’s open again!) Quick greetings to the volunteers all around before I slipped into the puppy room (where any dog under twenty pounds gets to play) to say hello. I recognized everyone in there except for one new addition: an adorable black and white scruffy dog named Banjo.

After a few minutes of observation, it was painfully obvious that Banjo was trying to show his dominance over the dogs in the room. Angus, another one of our scruffy dogs, had just returned from being shown and was being sniffed out. Banjo decided to try and mount Angus. Growling was heard, and the next thing we knew, the two were going at it.

Thank goodness there was another volunteer with me in the room. We tried to separate the dogs quickly, but somebody had the other in his mouth, so pulling them apart was a bit of a challenge. At this point it was a matter of trying to reach in and stop the biting as the dogs were rolling and snarling.

Somewhere down the line, I got bitten on the middle finger of my left hand. It started bleeding almost immediately, so I wrapped it in a paper towel and asked for a bandage. People were asking if I was okay, but it happened so fast that it took me a while to realize that my finger was starting to hurt.

The wound, which is pictured after the cut, looks a lot worse than it is. (If you’re squimish, don’t look and don’t comment on this post.) It’s going to bruise up nicely and should be a pretty good conversation piece at work tomorrow. Unfortunately, it does call for a tetanus shot to be safe, which I’m not looking forward to. And it takes a little bit longer to type with the bandage.

This experience does not in any way deter me from spending time with these dogs. True, this is the worst bite I’ve ever received, but accidents happen, and the bite wasn’t at all painful. I’ve slathered my finger in Neosporin (the one with the pain eliminating element), slapped an oversized bandage on it, and am resting comfortably.

hazards of volunteering

Tomorrow may be a different case after the shot.

Want to see the wound? :D

hazards of volunteering

hazards of volunteering

  1. Yeouch. Where did you end up going for the shots?

  2. I’ve certainly had my fair share of puncture wounds from animals, and all I can tell you is that I know how badly animal bites hurt! (just be glad it wasn’t a cat, though…)

  3. @ChiaLynn
    I ended up at a clinic that’s on Venice near McLaughlin. Nice people, and slightly cheaper than the Urgent Care place near LAX.

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