Two Years Ago

Two years ago today was one of the most painful I’d ever experienced.

Two years ago, on this day, is the day I lost my beloved labrador to cancer.

It had been exactly a week since he was first diagnosed. We thought we had a little bit more time before he passed.


That was taken about a month before the end. He got lazy in his old age, but on this particular day, he had enough energy to go around the block a couple of times. In fact, he was kind of annoyed with me that I was only going to take him around the block once and stopped dead in his tracks. Since I couldn’t really drag a 14 year old, 95 pound dog who didn’t want to go back home, I let him have his way.

On closer inspection, it looks like he’s smirking at me.

I’d always heard the phrase “died from a broken heart” in stories but never truly believed it. Two years ago today, I think a tiny piece did die.

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