Engrish Speakers Only

The other night I was at my local Mitsuwa food court, trying to decide on something for dinner. While I was wating for my order to be called, I figured I could get a little bit of grocery shopping in.

It’s a good thing I was extremely hungry, because this bit of Engrish would have killed my appetite:

engrish treats

The little illustration of a creme-filled roll doesn’t make it any better.

  1. Yummy!

    • Baron Hilton on behalf of Chris Nassetta
    • May 11th, 2010 8:00pm

    The Mitsuwa on Sawtelle?
    The bookstore in there used to be owned by Books Nippan.
    Man, Books Nippan back in the 80’s was the only place to get cool anime goods.
    I think now it is owned by Kinokuniya?

    They had some of the first US licences for US released anime:

    Back when I was doing video production I made presented a subtitling demo for them.

    But I digress…..
    God-Damn I’m Old…..

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