I’m Your New Go-To Girl For Social Media

I’ve only been at this gig for two weeks and some change and I’ve already got a promotion: I’m now in charge of being the social media liaison for my company.

No, really. I can legitimately work on Twitter and Facebook, just under a different name.

To be honest, I think Twitter may have been the clincher in my interview. I had mentioned going to tweetups and meeting all kinds of friends because of our 140-character acquaintance, and my future bosses got really excited.

So now I’ve got a project on my hands and I’m going to have to network like I’ve never networked before.

  1. Wow, congrats!

    Sounds like a lot of fun! That’s something I would love doing too and it is something you do on a regular basis, so that’s a plus!

  2. @Samantha
    It’s definitely a fun thing to tackle, but the challenge is networking in an industry I am completely clueless on! Hopefully I can work my magic and make new contacts. :)

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