This Gives Eau De Toilette A Whole New Meaning

I’m catching up on my Kevin and Bean podcasts for the week. My new place of employment is so close to home that I don’t get to listen to much of their show live (unless it’s a day I have to look for street parking; I may be able to stretch out another ten minutes or so). It makes me a little sad to know I won’t be able to catch a whole show live, especially when I hear something that I’d love to comment on.

Imagine my surprise when this topic of discussion came up: a fragence for men with the essence of the vagina. It’s not a cologne, but a scent that a man can enjoy. And I’m guessing this is for the man that likes it ripe.

The reason I find this so hilarious is because of a running joke my gay ex-roommate had going with another gay co-worker from our retail days. My roommate would just flat out comment “it smells like pussy” anytime something was stinky. The co-worker agreed with him.

Then one of them misprounounced the word by saying “p’dussy.” And the rest is history.

P’dussy eau de toilette.

P’dussy for Her.

P’dussy no. 69.

So naturally I shot off an email to my ex-roomie, complete with a link to the video. I’m still waiting for his response.

    • jn
    • April 13th, 2010 3:12pm

    just hope that while a male is “enjoying” it, he doesn’t accidentally spill it all over himself as he’s having to run out for some urgent errand.

  1. @jn
    Or that he spills it on his sheets just before a hot date and the lady’s coming over.

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