Could you be more “pacific”?

Kevin and Bean of KROQ had a little segment on words that are mispronounced horribly incorrectly. It started with the word “mayonnaise” and how it often gets pronounced “man-naise“.

I admit it, I’m guilty of omitting the “yo” of mayo. I say “mannaise.” And it drives my mom insane.

Thing is, I don’t really care. I hate the stuff and it’s sweet revenge to mispronounce it. Mannaise, mannaise, mannaise.

But this post is not about how I pronounce the condiment. This post is about the words that came up during the segment. And some of these words I have never even heard of before.

For example, the word pacific. As in, “I’m looking for a pacific brand of cake flour.”


Or the word “fruss-ta-ted” instead of regular old frustrated.

One that irritates the hell out of me: irregardless. Two negatives make a positive, people.

Supposebly gets used in exchange of supposedly, allegedly.

All of this makes my head hurt.

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