@DrawMyTweet Made Me Famous

In my Twitter clique, you don’t have to throw many pebbles to find that you’re closely connected to someone you’d like to meet but just aren’t aware of it yet. That’s how I came across @DrawMyTweet.

The gist of it is, you throw an interesting tweet at ’em and they’ll illustrate it.

With hilarious results.

Take this one, for example. A tweet made by my good friend, the Slackmistress, went from this to this. Pretty clever, yes?

Did you want something a little more surreal? What about a cactus on an IV drip?

Conan O’Brien’s first tweet has also been imortalized right here. The blue jay in the background is there for a reason. :)

And guess what? The kind artist even did a little drawing for me. I am not up to par with the amazing tweets that have been sent in, so it took me a little while to dig through my archives before I found something that could be remotely amusing. And this is what I received in return.

Seriously, it’s full of win for two reasons:
1. Draw My Tweet already considers me awesome, even though we have not met in person yet (and I believe that will be something happening in the near future).
2. An unnecessary apology was made for “crappy penmanship” on the part that read “William J. Clinton Int’l Nookie Club.” Personally, I was thrilled that was thrown in there – Slick Willie and I share a birthday on August 19th.

It’s almost as if Draw My Tweet already knew me. And that’s pretty flattering.

The best part of this whole experience is that anyone can shoot a tweet to them and ask for a picture. I highly recommend that you get in your request now before they really take off and you’ve got a waiting period of months before you see your 140 (or less) characters in animated form.

  1. You and Bing-Bong are not talking…..
    Is it worth it?

    Tr2n trailer


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