Cheaters *Do* Prosper

First off, congratulations to Mr. Jeff Bridges on his recent win for Best Actor. You deserve it, even though I did not see “Crazy Heart”.

Second, you have just proved to me (regardless of the proverb) that cheaters do prosper.

Let me take a couple of steps back and explain how this works.

My mom went to University High School in the 1960’s. Jeff Bridges also went to this high school and was a year ahead of her. They interacted with each other and shared a class or two.

Jeff Bridges would try and copy off her homework on more than one occasion. I’m guessing since he was busy filming for Disney, he didn’t have time to fulfill his academic tasks. Still, that’s no reason you should try and copy off of another student. Right?

The straw that breaks the camel’s back? He actually got a better grade on his homework than my mom.
Can I get a Oh HELL No?

What kind of example does that set to future generations?

Every time the camera switched over to Mr. Bridges during the Oscars, my mom shook her head.

At this point, I feel like my academic career has been a big waste. I should have cheated a bit more during high school instead of working my way through all those AP classes. Because maybe, just maybe, I could have a couple of movies under my belt instead of slaving away for Corporate America for five years.

Edited to add: Thank you to Mr. Bridges for catching my error in naming “The Hurt Locker” as the movie you were in. My bad. Still, you shouldn’t have copied off of my mom back in high school.

  1. Thanks, man but um I wasn’t in “Hurt Locker.” I won the Oscar for a little flick called “Crazy Heart.”

  2. @Jeff Bridges
    Fixed! My bad. And congrats again.

    • Tron fan
    • March 10th, 2010 1:59am

    Are you the m.c.p. ???????????

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