High School Reunion

There was a small post-Podcast segment of Be The Marriage this evening which addressed post-high school relationships and upcoming reunions. I think for a lot of us were in that outside clique of high school, the one in which we do not look back very fondly at those memories.

I will not be going to my ten year reunion this year. With the advent of Facebook, there really is no need to catch up with the entire Culver City High School graduating class of 2000. We find each other on there, scan through the pictures and the Info tab, and (for the most part) our curiosity is satisfied. Apart from that, a gap of ten years really isn’t enough of a space for me to want to know what someone has doing with his/her life.

Over a year ago, I attended the funeral of a boy I used to sit next to in the first grade. Many, many people showed up, from relatives to the students who attended his English class at Santa Monica High School. Inbetween that group were the people we had gone to school with (and in some cases, actually been pupils of – I recognized at least three teachers at the service). Most of those people I saw I was pleased to see and was sad that I could apply the old family saying, “We only get together when somebody dies.” Our mini-high school reunion occured at someone else’s funeral.

Unfortunately there were a few I was extremely unhappy to see, and wanted to flee the scene out of habit. Two of those people I had the misfortune of sitting next to during the funeral.

I can hear some of you saying, “But a lot of time has passed and those people went to college! They’ve changed their ways.” And that’s the benefit of the doubt I tried to give those two people.

This is where I get catty and say that I had the pleasure of knowing that my intial gut reaction to them was not at all off base.

The two people who sat next to me did nothing more than talk through the funeral, pointing out people they hadn’t seen since graduation and other unnecessary remarks. One of them didn’t even stay for the entire service, but left after an hour to go. Maybe he/she had an appointment he/she needed to catch, but to me that was completely rude and disrespectful. This person had been an ass back then for many years – couldn’t they hold it for a few hours? Geez.

If this was a preview of what I’d see at our first reunion, then I would be more than happy to send in my “DECLINED” notice.

Maybe in another decade or two I’ll have different thoughts on the matter. Maybe at that point I’ll be okay with seeing so many people from such an awkward time. I enjoyed being my mom’s +1 at her 40th High School Reunion; maybe I’ll enjoy my own one of these years.

  1. What blows me away is to see on Facebook that some of the meanest people from high school (and middle and elementary), are MARRIED. How on earth did they convince somebody to MARRY them? I was never invited to my 10th high school reunion. In four years it will be my 20th, and I don’t expect to be invited to that one either. But that’s okay – I wouldn’t have gone anyway. I don’t focus on the pain, but I’ll be honest – the scars are very prominent, and to this day I will not walk up to a group of people at a table and ask if I can sit there.

  2. I’m class of 2000, too, and I just got my 10-year notice. I don’t think I’m going to go. I stayed in touch with most of the people I liked, and like you pointed out, I stalked all the people I didn’t like on facebook and found them married with 2.5 children and still being like Kristy in Romy and Michelle’s HS Reunion, hah.

  3. Remind me to show you my HS transcript.

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