Happy Half-Birthday to Me

I am halfway through my 27th year on this planet; if things go well, I won’t become a member of the infamous 27 Club.

Not my actual cake.

The bonus part of this half-birthday is that I’ll be spending 24 hours of this weekend in Las Vegas. You only half-ass do things on your half-birthdays (by my logic at least), so I’m only spending half of the weekend out in the desert, getting half drunk and only putting in 50% at flirting with boys.

And no, I’m not putting in half of my savings onto the table. I may be celebrating something superfluous, but I’m not crazy.

My grandma just checked into the hospital. She’s got a blood clot near one of her kidneys, but they can’t give her blood thinners – the last time she was on them she started bleeding internally. I’m not really sure what to do at this point except go to the gym, wear myself out, and then head over to the hospital to see if she needs anything. Please send good vibes her way.

    • Guy that fixed your Computer
    • February 19th, 2010 7:18pm

    Make sure your grammie has whatever food she want’s.
    My prayer are with your family and especially your grammie.

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