Doggies are a Girl’s Best Friend

So back in 2004, I received the worst Valentine’s Day gift ever from my then boyfriend. What’s funny is that the general response I’ve received since posting that entry is this: NO ONE SHOULD EVER SEND CARNATIONS. EVER.

Normally Valentine’s Day makes me want to pull the sheets over my head and groan. The candy, the overpriced menus, the fake sentiment…I have to fight the urge to gag. (I think the feminine traits I was supposed to receive before the stork dropped me off got mixed up somewhere. I am kind of intrigued of being made up of “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” – who doesn’t love puppy tails?) My mom often complains that I’m not a romantic and usually has to kick me out of the room whenever something horribly sappy comes on: “You’ve Got Mail,” “Kate and Leopold,” “An Affair to Remember,” or, worst case scenario, something on Lifetime Original Movies. >_<
However, I just realized that I get to spend tomorrow with someone special. Very special. Someone I know I love with all of my heart and would gladly die for.


Tomorrow is an adoption fair at the Healthy Spot with Bill Foundation. I’ll be there for most of the afternoon, basking in huge amounts of love. Sure, he can’t actually say he loves me, but when I get that accidental head butt in his eagerness to give me a kiss, I know there’s love behind it.

Bonus! A second blog post will follow later today, as it is also New Year’s Day on the Chinese lunar calendar. That story will lean more towards bittersweet, as the person who is the focus of the story passed away.

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