Beware the Ides of February, Again

Last year I wrote this piece. We’re almost halfway through the month of February this year, and nothing horribly terrible has happened.

That was before my laptop decided to die. The silver lining in that cloud is that I haven’t even had the damn thing for a full year, so it’s covered. A new motherboard is being shipped, a Dell technician is being sent out, and my former IT guys from work have been more than amazing in trying to keep me sane by letting me borrow their HP mini.

But now my grandma has pneumonia. As of last night it wasn’t bad enough for her to be hospitalized. Fingers are crossed that it can be treated at home, but with my luck record of the past two years, extra good vibes are greatly appreciated.

My grandpa passed away on February 19, 2003. This was well before I put the caution sign on February, but since bad things happen in threes… Superstition kicks in, and that’s when my half-birthday occurs, I’ll just be a little bit more careful in how I live for the rest of the month. My grandpa was a very kind man but I don’t want him to be the one knocking on my subconcious door and saying, “Kaechi*, come and stay with me for a little while.”

It sounds silly, but with my string of bad luck, I am only *this short* of setting up an appointment with a Chinese fortune teller for a general forecast of things to come for the rest of the year.

*: Kaechi is the closest my grandpa could get to pronouncing my name. For whatever reason, my grandma was the only one who calls me Kae-chan, and while that would be much easier on the Japanese Broken English accent, he still tried to say “Katie” to the best of his ability.

P.S. I’m going going to hell anyways, so I might as well add: the way he’d pronounce my name got worse when he got a new pair of dentures and this made me laugh hysterically. “Say it again, grandpa!” is what I’d gasp out once the giggles stopped. The only reason I knew he was talking about me is because none of my cousins have a name starting with a K.

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