Vanity Post

I’m not that much of a fashionista. More often than not my clothing experiments occur in my bedroom and stay there. I’ll flaunt it if it’s a cocktail party or a friend’s show, but otherwise it’s strictly black cardigans, a camisole, and jeans.

However, I just saw this dress at Anthropologie and am considering a personal fashion makeover. Not only is it in green, my favorite color, but it’s got little roosters embroidered in white all over. And it’s a halter dress, one of the most flattering cuts for my wide-ass shoulders.

This dress has me describing it as stupid cute. Like, I have lost any grasp of decent American English and cannot use proper adjectives.

Stupid cute, people. I am almost falling over, I like it that much. It’s almost the ladder rung below puppies for me. And who doesn’t like puppies?

Old Skool Murphy
Don’t tell me you don’t like puppies.


  2. Stupid cute, right?!

  3. Too bad dinner didn’t work out tonight.
    But I’m sure it is a very delicate thing when the (Yellow Peril) are assembled in one place.

    GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

  4. You missed out…..
    What rocked is “Bing-Bong-jr” paid the whole tab.
    I think it is a “Ancient Chinese Secret” how he can affort to do it all the time…….

  5. Oh, SRY!
    Back to “THAT DRESS…..”

    Yeah, I love it also!
    Get It!

    …..0_0 $168,00!!!
    I could go nut’s at costco and target for that…..
    But you have seen how I dress ~_^

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