Phonetically Typing…

One of my former co-workers will occasionally send me emails to help me pass the time. More often than not, the contents are about what kind of food was served in the employee cafeteria.

Today’s email read as follows:
dateThu, Feb 4, 2010 at 1:18 PM
mailed-by:[former servitude].com

Was utterly disgusting! It was roasted chicken and that manoodle – that stomach lining thing. Gross! Ew!

I had to think a few seconds before I realized she was talking about menudo. Had she not mentioned “that stomach lining thing,” I probably would have thought she was talking about the cafeteria’s version of chow mein.

Her response when I corrected her: Menudle, menoodle, man-noodle…whatever! LOL.

Man-noodle. Ew.

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