Fear Me…I *Will* [tiny] Brand You

Upside: how awesome and cute is this item? A teeny-tiny branding iron that fits on a lighter.

Downside: finding a lighter that it fits.

I could get into all kinds of trouble with an item like that.

Yesterday I ventured outside and spent some money. Don’t worry, it’s legit funds – my last severance check came in and added enough so I can dish out a few dollars on clearance items at Barnes and Noble. These two books were not included in the holiday discount bin, but they should have been:

it was bound to happen

it was bound to happen

Thirty per cent off is not the same as fifty, and trying to figure out Twitter and Facebook is so end-of-last-decade. Am I right?

This unemployment deal is starting to get to me. It’s not the lack of funds (which surprisingly isn’t that big of a deal). It’s the absolute boredom. I recently made a wager with Nutcase 101 that if her editing skills on my resume land me a job within the next 6 months (I’ll say July 31st), I would make a point to have my first employed vacation destination be her house in Houston. Some final touches still need to be made, but I’m cranking out those job applications in multiples of two on a near daily basis. So far my only responses have been with the Hyatt (who rejected me after a “careful consideration” timespan of about 12 hours) and Mutual of Omaha. Call me picky, but I’m not really looking to be a Financial/Insurance Advisor at this time.

As always, if you know of anyone who needs an admin or a PA, would you kindly drop this girl’s name into the hat?

  1. You didn’t REALLY buy those two books, did you?

  2. @J.R. LeMar
    Of course not! They were only 30% off; my current budget only allows me to purchase 50% off and above.

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