My Savior

Remember Yeah, I barely do as well. But I had to log in this week to look up the profile of an acquaintence who I [sadly] had forgotten about.

In looking at my profile, I found a posting I had made back in 2007. The title read “my savior” but I couldn’t place what it was about (but for sure it was not about Christ and “finding the light”).

Here’s what I wrote:

My dog comes to my rescue when I least expect it. Last Friday, for example: my hands were completely filled with bags and I had unknowningly hooked my house key onto a finger that had no way of getting into the lock. I rang the doorbell, and who comes? Certainly not my parents, but my dog. He nosed open the mail slot wide enough for me to yell, “Go get help!” before my mom came to unlock the door.

Last night I came home late, expecting the dark to greet me. Instead I hear the sound of a happy wagging tail, and then the face of my dog who looked like he’d been waiting for me. Nothing’s better than coming home to someone who wants you there, even if he was just waiting for someone to come by to fill his water dish.

That is the face of unconditional love.

    • njudah
    • January 9th, 2010 12:04am

    that’s why Harry Truman once told people in DC “if you want a friend in washington, get a dog.”

    seriously though, the one thing I so miss is my little one who would charge the door because she was smart enough to id whose engine was pulling up to the house. that and she also knew the sound of the drawer where her leash was and would literally leap into my arms if I’d even opened the wrong drawer.

    I don’t have a dog anymore as it’s almost impossible in SF to have a dog and rent. So I wait for a home purchase and in the meantime miss having a dog.

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