I Walked Through a Japanese Market and Lived!

New Year’s Day is fast approaching and that means I’ve got to go through the motions of getting ready for another holiday. Instead of going to the mall to purchase presents, I go to Japanese supermarkets and fight through the crowds to pick up food items I only eat once a year.

This year’s excursion wasn’t too bad. Previous experiences have caught me trapped in rows of shopping carts and fighting the urge to knock down old ladies who may or may not come up to my chest. JustJenn can relate, I think – hopefully I’ve never knocked down her grandma while reaching for a burdock root.

For your entertainment:

new year shopping
The Japanese boxed version of wine.

new year shopping
$18.38 for soy sauce? Can I say “Oh hell no”?!

new year shopping
I am so glad it only had the egg for a second.

There were better Engrish signs and products later on, but the battery on my phone died shortly after.

Speaking of Engrish, I’ve noticed it pops out more and more as I get older. I’m not sure if this is the result of imitating my grandma for so many years or if it’s something that happens to Asians later in life. If you ever catch me speaking or writing strangely, please feel free to laugh.

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