Oldies – Probable Goodies?

I logged into my LiveJournal account for the first time in months and noticed that one of the images on my page was broken. So I logged in to the image’s host, which unfortunately is not Flickr but Photobucket.

Upon logging in, I was notified that my account had been momentarily turned off, as I hadn’t used it in over six months.

Honestly, who would use Photobucket these days when you’ve got Flickr? (And no, I am not receiving anything from my Flickr crush by saying this.)

Digging through this account is similar to digging through the photo drawer at my parents’ house: you’ve completely forgotten the contents and sometimes find things that are hilarious. So while I’ve still got a few days left in 2009, I’m going to share some of the highlights of the account.


This is probably about the closest you’ll get to a family portrait. From left to right: The Capital Letter K, The Letter J, and, of course, theletterkae. Even though there’s only three of us, it’s near impossible to catch all of us in one spot, let alone dressed in something more than sweats and hoodies.

I wish I could say there were happy memories attached to this one, but we had just come from my Grandma Kay’s burial and were trying to thaw out. Northport, NY had a chilly blast of about 30 degrees that day (with a windchill of 20) and neither the church nor the graveyard had heating. My parents and I were about the only ones who were still wearing jackets once we were in the house; everyone else was just in long-sleeved shirts. In my attempt to try and feel a little bit better, I am seen eating a brownie with a small cup of champagne in front of me. Wish that it really did work.

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