Christmas and Twinkies

I always associate Christmas with my golden. His birthday was the week before Christmas Eve, and we always celebrated it twice with Twinkies:


Today would have been Whiskey’s 30th birthday. Not only is that near impossible for a dog to reach, but it sounds really weird to have a dog that’s older than you and you aren’t in diapers.

Whiskey was the first pet I ever had and served as an older brother to me. Sometimes we’d fight (he’d get me into trouble; the genius of it being that no one would ever blame a dog) but he would protect me from strangers, a trait unusual for a golden. My parents felt safe enough to have him “baby-sit” when I reached the age of 8, which meant I didn’t have to go to my grandparents’ in my pjs if they had dinner plans.

Naturally I have a soft spot for goldens in my heart, especially those of the darker variety. And to this day I cannot celebrate Christmas without a twin pack of Twinkies.

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