Adventures in Kitty-Sitting

Whoops. This writing after the holidays deal is hard to remember. It’s especially hard when you’ve got two cats vying for your attention (one sweetly, the other not so much). Which is why this post is a little bit late.

As mentioned, I’ve got a cat-sitting gig this weekend. The lovely Gina Yates is out of town for the Thanksgiving Holidays and needed someone to be a dummy mom. I volunteered and she accepted!

I just had a conversation with the not-as-nice kitty. It went something like this:
Me (looking for Clawdio): Clawdio?
Ariel (Demon Spawn): Meow.
Me: Hi Ariel. Have you seen Clawdio?
Ariel: Meow.
Me: Silly kitty, you’re not Clawdio, you’re Ariel.
Ariel: Meow.
Me: Ariel.
Ariel: MEOW.
Me: Fine. Demon Spawn.
Ariel: smug look and silence

I had conversations with my dogs, but none ever so sarcastic.

We’re getting along well. The first night the cats kept to themselves, but now they’re coming out to play, even to the point where I can’t send out texts or write on my blog. If you don’t hear anything from me in the next 24 hours, tell Gina to look for me as soon as she gets back home.

    • njudah
    • November 28th, 2009 2:58pm

    my neighbors next door left behind their little cat, and the poor thing spends all day meowing at the door, esp. when it hears me going into my apartment, thinking its the “parents” returning.

    His or her’s meows went from “sad” to “angry” to “bargaining”. She literally meows all day until he or she goes to sleep.

    your friend’s cats are lucky they have such a nice person to keep them company!

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