What I’m Thankful For Pt. 3

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to do volunteer work with Bill Foundation.  I almost feel guilty getting to sit with dogs for a few hours every other weekend because it’s something I really, really enjoy.

Bill Foundation has helped me get out of a dark place. After my Murphy passed away, I was exteremly lost. Being with dogs who needed just a little show of affection got me back on track.

Through this wonderful organization, I got to meet some of the sweetest dogs ever who have happily found their forever homes:

bill foundation

Day 361: bill foundation



We’re currently hanging by a thread. The economy is slowly recovering, but Bill Foundation got hit just as hard as anyone. Recently some of our dogs were scooped up by another rescue organization, and some of our sponsors have been unable to donate as generously as they have in the past. Hopefully we will be able to pull through, but things are looking grim.

So I’m asking you all for a huge favor: if you can either open up your home as a foster parent or donate a little something, it would help a HUGE amount. (BTW, I realize that it seems all I do is ask for money on here, but it’s for a FABULOUS cause.)

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