Five Seconds of Fame

This weekend at the Grove, there were signs that advised the crowd of cameras and photographers in the area. They would take pictures of the building and the public which would be used in advertisements and other promotions.

My friend Sherry said something along the lines of “Now people can get their five seconds of fame.”

I told her I could give her five seconds of fame. She must have thought I was talking about internet porn, so she flat-out said, “NO.”

“I’ll put you on my blog. I’ve got readers that number into the teens!” I told her.

So whether she likes it or not, I’m giving her five seconds of fame:

shin sen gumi

    • Sherry
    • November 17th, 2009 10:19am

    a flattering pic would have been better!
    how will i know when i get my 5 seconds of fame??

    • theletterkae
    • November 17th, 2009 1:16pm

    You of all people should know that the cheesiest pics are the ones that grab people’s attention. The internet is not geared towards flattering. :)

    I’ll check my site meter on my web host and see if the site had a spike of interest on this article. And that’s how we’ll know you got your 5 seconds of fame.

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