Meat Was Not Meant to be Played With Pt. 2

A while ago I had written this post about meat monstrosities, mainly the creation of a Bacon Explosion. As I had previously mentioned, playing with meat in this fashion is similar to pissing in [insert your favorite deity]’s eye. It’s for us to enjoy, not to expand on in a Frankenstein way.

Just when I thought the meat craziness had died down, I received one of my weekly emails from The Edison. They were promoting a new feature on their menu: Midnight Breakfast.


The image was appetizing, but scrolling down further, I was horrified to read the following words:

Candied bacon. The only option for bacon is for it to be in candied form. *shudder*


More likely than not, the bacon will be cooked similar to the maple-roasted baconthat Ina Garten prepared on “The Barefoot Countessa.” However, food that has been prepared in a candy form brings to mind something that will shatter like glass when dropped. And meat was not meant to shatter.

Bacon and I actually had parted ways for many years; we just had a reconciliation about four years ago. The smell of it frying in the pan grossed me out (for lack of a SFW term) and the fat attached… It’s been a bumpy path, but we’re getting along for the most part.

Until I got that email.

I realize that I may wreck a lot of friendships because of this post, but I cannot silence my opinion. So deal with it.

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