Weekend Recap

It’s been a long time since I did a post on what’s been going on with me. And since I’ve got the whole month of November to make posts, I’ll go ahead and bore y’all with the details of my life. :)

This weekend I:
1. Had my ukulele lesson.
2. Told my teacher I have grown to hate the “I Dream of Jeannie” theme song that we’ve been playing. (We’ve fixed it by switching over to the Kinks’ “Apeman.”)
3. Got my usual hug and kiss from my long-term crush.
4. Slept. A LOT. (Due to sinus meds.)
5. Caught up on Netflix.
6. Drank more peppermint tea than I care to admit.
7. Cried while watching this week’s episode of Be The Marriage.
8. Cancelled a lunch date with a friend for Sunday due to congestion and overall gross feeling.
9. Missed a lot of calls/texts from people due to being asleep.

Pretty boring, right? That’s why I don’t post much about my weekends.

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