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A 90’s Kind of Weekend

KROQ had a 90’s weekend all Thanksgiving weekend long.

Can I tell you I have not listened to the radio (and actual radio, not streaming from the internet) like that since high school? They were playing ALL of the hits from the 90’s and it completely transported me back to the days of Doc Martens, jeans with holes in the knee, flannel, and Kool-Aid dyed hair.

It was enough to almost make me go back to my older user name, jaded_snow. And there’s a ton of history behind that one.

But that’s for another post.

Better Late…

Almost forgot to post today. But when you’ve spent the day baking 4 dozen buttermilk biscuits, I think you’re allowed some slack.

Real post tomorrow, I promise.

One University


I’m not sure if you were aware of it, but I got accepted into Valemont this year. It’s extremely thrilling for me, especially as this college is incredibly selective.

I kept to myself most of this semester. My only social activity was to rush a house, and I got into the one I wanted:


School’s on hold now, so I’m academically homeless at the moment. Will I get to return for a second semester?

That part is up to you.

Adventures in Kitty-Sitting

Whoops. This writing after the holidays deal is hard to remember. It’s especially hard when you’ve got two cats vying for your attention (one sweetly, the other not so much). Which is why this post is a little bit late.

As mentioned, I’ve got a cat-sitting gig this weekend. The lovely Gina Yates is out of town for the Thanksgiving Holidays and needed someone to be a dummy mom. I volunteered and she accepted!

I just had a conversation with the not-as-nice kitty. It went something like this:
Me (looking for Clawdio): Clawdio?
Ariel (Demon Spawn): Meow.
Me: Hi Ariel. Have you seen Clawdio?
Ariel: Meow.
Me: Silly kitty, you’re not Clawdio, you’re Ariel.
Ariel: Meow.
Me: Ariel.
Ariel: MEOW.
Me: Fine. Demon Spawn.
Ariel: smug look and silence

I had conversations with my dogs, but none ever so sarcastic.

We’re getting along well. The first night the cats kept to themselves, but now they’re coming out to play, even to the point where I can’t send out texts or write on my blog. If you don’t hear anything from me in the next 24 hours, tell Gina to look for me as soon as she gets back home.

What I’m Thankful For: Bonus Edition

One of the things that always has me heaving a sigh of relief is the fact that I no longer work retail. And even though the store I was employed with was not one to be mobbed, it was still a pain in the ass to work on Black Friday.

I am thankful that my family does not carry the shopping trait. While we look for sales as often as the next person, we don’t have that urge to get up at 3 to wait for a store to open at 4.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 7

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving! Which means only so many more days until Christmas, so many more days until the day after Christmas, and so many more days until we bid 2009 farewell and tuck it away in the back of our sock drawer.

On this day of Giving Thanks, I am insanely grateful that my family loves food and loves to eat.

Day 330: Thanksgiving
This stove has cooked many a Thanksgiving Dinner for the past 30 years.

I have been drinking protein shakes and visiting the gym every day prior to this event so I don’t have to work out as hard as I would need to afterwards. When your family cooks two turkeys, has a variety of side dishes from stuffing to sushi, and finishes with six different kinds of desserts, you HAVE to parepare. Especially if you are prone to the after-dinner-before-dessert nap:

The Capital Letter K (my dad), burning the carbs and patiently waiting for the coffee to brew.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 6

I’m thankful for all of you who read my blog. It means a lot to me that someone else besides me visits every now and then.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 5

I am thankful I finally found a pair of jeans that fit that do not cost an arm and a leg:

born to fit

Seriously, these jeans fit like a glove. It’s been a long time since I praised pants that came from the GAP, but I am singing my praises to the high heavens.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 4

As weird as it sounds, I’m thankful that I’m still employed. Even though my future with Corporate America is up in the air, I’m pretty sure that I’ll stay with my current company for the remainder of the year.

Don’t worry, I am keeping an eye out for job openings.

What I’m Thankful For Pt. 3

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to do volunteer work with Bill Foundation.  I almost feel guilty getting to sit with dogs for a few hours every other weekend because it’s something I really, really enjoy.

Bill Foundation has helped me get out of a dark place. After my Murphy passed away, I was exteremly lost. Being with dogs who needed just a little show of affection got me back on track.

Through this wonderful organization, I got to meet some of the sweetest dogs ever who have happily found their forever homes:

bill foundation

Day 361: bill foundation



We’re currently hanging by a thread. The economy is slowly recovering, but Bill Foundation got hit just as hard as anyone. Recently some of our dogs were scooped up by another rescue organization, and some of our sponsors have been unable to donate as generously as they have in the past. Hopefully we will be able to pull through, but things are looking grim.

So I’m asking you all for a huge favor: if you can either open up your home as a foster parent or donate a little something, it would help a HUGE amount. (BTW, I realize that it seems all I do is ask for money on here, but it’s for a FABULOUS cause.)