Two Causes At Once?! No One Can Live At That Pace!

Hi there. It’s me again, asking you for money.

It’s not money for my own personal spending. I’m asking for you to support me this year for AIDS Walk LA. It’s that time of year where the City of Los Angeles shuts down many of the major streets where a good number of you live so thousands of people can walk for a good cause. B-list (and lower) celebs come out to cheer on the masses early in the morning. Free items are passed out during the walk, and at the end you get a certificate that you can stick on your wall.

My original post promised to advertise your website if you were so inclined to drop a few dollars my way. No one responded to that, so I’m going to try another method.

The amazing Dr. Neal Baer was a guest on LA Gen X a couple of weeks ago and literally blew my mind away. Not only does he work on Law and Order: SVU, but he’s also a practicing pediatrician and is working on a documentary project called Home Is Where The Heart Is. Straight from the website (because it’s a better quote than I could come up with): “African women and kids affected by AIDS share their lives.”

So this is my enticing statement to you: if you will sponsor me for AIDS walk, I will donate 50% of the funds to the The House Is Small website. You can either donate here:

Click Here to Donate

Or donate here:

The PayPal site will probably be easier, as it doesn’t require a minimum donation of $25. Whatever you can spare is totally fine and very much appreciated!

I’m not walking because my company is one of the major sponsors of AIDS Walk LA. I’m walking because I truly have faith in the fight against AIDS. And now I’m walking because there are others outside of LA who need help as well.

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  1. October 13th, 2009