Doggie Therapy

Every other Sunday of the month you’ll find me at the Healthy Spot doing volunteer work with the Bill Foundation. We set up, show some dogs, and try to find forever homes for everyone.

Sure, I don’t get paid. Sure, I get covered in dog hair, dirt, and grass. Sure, I get poo streaks on the front of my shirt (from somebody who stepped in a pile and then jumped on me). Sure, I get beat up in the puppy room (the space where everyone 20 pounds and under frolic) and come home looking like I ran through the blackberry bushes. Sure, I smell like a dog when I’m done. But you know what?

I am probably at my happiest when I’m with the dogs.

There are dogs of nearly every known breed that are up for adoption, from your scruffy mutts to purebreeds. Everyone has a different temperment but they all have one thing in common: they want to live with you and bask in your love.

Day 138If you have a ranch, please take Clyde home.

bill foundationThis goofball, Hector, is much cuter in person.

bill foundationMidge looks like a tough one, but deep down she’s a sweetie.

bill foundationHis name is Gizmo. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

bill foundationStuart thinks he’s bigger than he really is.

We’ve got many more dogs who are hoping for homes, which you can find here. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and adopt, there are other ways you can help Bill Foundation.

*cough*Like volunteer with me*cough*

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