I’ll Pass on the 27 Club Application

It’s my last full day of being 26! I’m not horribly worried about the aging process – Asians age well.

A quick recap on what happened since the last birthday:
1. Moved.
2. Started volunteering with the Bill Foundation.
3. Dropped $3200 on my Beetle.
4. Infamous car accident.
5. Court hearings for work and for the accident.
6. Got a new crush. (Y’all know what he kind of looks like and I don’t want to get too stalkerish.)
7. Got a [new] used car.
8. Moved yet again.
9. Inadvertently became part of a localized group of the Yellow Peril in the office.
10. [Wild card for you people to fill in.]

This coming year is the only time I’ll be eligible for the 27 Club. I’ll pass on joining; if I lived through my car accident, I’d hate to think of what I’d have to do to qualify for membership.

    • Philip’s Secretary
    • August 19th, 2009 7:24pm

    Happy Birthday!
    Why do we celebrate birthdays? A “Birthday” happens every year? Only thing I can think of that happens every year, that is as significant as a birthday is paying taxes.
    Some people celebrate that by going to the post office and “Manually?” producing tax returns.


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