Born to Fit

In the city of Los Angeles, it’s all about who you know and the events you get invited to.

born to fit
Numbers only, no names.

You’d have to be an idiot or illiterate to turn down an invite from the Slackmistress, especially when it involves free pants.

How she managed to wing it, I’m not sure, but the lovely Miss Nina served as the hostess for a GAP Born to Fit denim event at a pop-up store on Robertson. An invitation popped up in my inbox, asking if I would be present for a “night of denim and delightful company” and promised I would not leave “empty-handed.”

Even though I used to be a Banana Republican, I wouldn’t say no to a private GAP event.

The clincher was that valet parking was included. :D

First off, the event was nothing like what I had imagined. In my head I pictured a room roped off for us at a GAP store with a floor person giving a demonstration of the different styles of denim. We would then grab a couple of pairs, lock ourselves in a fitting room, and then either squeal with delight or disappointment.

born to fit
What I thought it would be like.

My expectations were totally blown away. First off, the valet booth had a sign that read, “Private Event” (very classy!). The entrance to the store had a piece of paper taped to its glass door, advising customers of an early closing time in order to prepare for an invitation-only party. I walked in and was immediately greeted by a GAP rep. Within minutes I was offered a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres. And within an hour I had found the perfect denim fit in two different washes.

born to fit

born to fit

It was the perfect girlie evening. To top it off, I even have new reusable bags:

born to fit

born to fit

It’s not like me to promote things that come from GAP Inc., but the 1969 Jeans are an incredibly good buy. The price ranges from $59.50 to $69.50; for limited time you can get $20 knocked off the price.

This is a no brainer, for lack of a better phrase.

My thanks go out to the kind people at the Gap, and to the Slackmistress as well.

The only worry I have now is that I’ll be wearing the same pair of jeans at the same time as any of the attendees.

Fun stuff for you!

Submit an embarrassing clothing story to this post for the chance to win a $50 gift card from the GAP. The Slackmistress is a kind person and won’t laugh at your story.

Others, however, may not be so forgiving.

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