Wherein I (sorta) Take One for the Team

It only takes one line from a friend’s blog to get me going. This is the one that inspired me to start writing:

And Twitter, I never tried you because you just looked lame… but screw you, too.

I’m not mad. I hear this line a lot while I’m at work. I couldn’t even get my fellow Yellow Peril member (my own IT at that!) to open an account.

Twitter ain’t fancy. I get the fail whale and the fix-it robots more often than I’d like. It gets picky every now and load up similar to a free GeoCities personal website. You can only enter in 140 characters, which screws you if your friends have a long username. User pics have just as many restrictions as Livejournal (i.e. itty-bitty images that no one can see).

I like using Twitter. I’ve met lots and lots of fabulous people through this site. (Well, most of you through the Slackmistress and BeTheBoy, but we all have Twitter accounts.)

So, in my defense, I posted the following comment in my friend’s blog:

1. Facebook is blocked at work.

2. Twitter isn’t.

3. I’ve met a TON of great people through Twitter, one of whom hooked me up with 2 pairs of awesome denim.

4. I still blog and announce my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook.

So there. :P

    • deane
    • August 14th, 2009 4:24pm

    i eat vicariously through twitter, thanks to @kogibbq, @sprinklesmobile, @coolhaus, @tc.

    • theletterkae
    • August 14th, 2009 8:12pm

    I eat vicariously through the people I follow on Twitter. And those updates from @8ozBurgerBar and @theMILKshop…OMG.

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