theletterkae = asshole (?)

Last night I got together with a friend for dinner. We both were craving something heavy but still relatively healthy. To compromise, we dined at Tender Greens and followed up with a quick run to Cold Stone for dessert.

While we were digging in to our cups of ice cream, my friend brought up the picture I had used on a recent invitation. This is the picture:

Borrowed from

Me being my usual smart-assed self, I added “If we do cupcake shots, please be sober enough to blow out the candles before consuming” underneath the image.

This prompted my friend to look up the possibility of cupcake shots.

Which lead to the discovery of three drink recipes.

Which also lead to the discovery of the term “anal cupcakes.”

Which lead to my face looking pretty much like this:


(Y’all can look up “anal cupcakes” on your own time. I’m not going to link it to the first search that comes up on Google.)

Once she described what an anal cupcake was, I nearly spit out the bite of ice cream I had in my mouth for two reasons:
1. The ice cream was chocolate.
2. A combination of wanting to laugh and wanting to gag.

My friend couldn’t stop laughing at my reaction. (Maybe she was laughing with me?) Feigning wounded pride, I turned to her and asked:

“Is that what you think of me? ‘Oh, that Kathryn, she’s such an asshole!”

I can’t blame her entirely though (the discovery of the term, not for possibly associating me with the human anus). She got carried away on a Google search, much in the same way I do when I start a Wikipedia search.

And if you do link me with asshole, don’t let me know. :)

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