Almost Kinda Sorta Famous II: The Band Strikes Back

This past weekend, I met up with the delightfully entertaining Greg Dewar of the N-Judah Chronicles as I passed through San Francisco. We were talking about our blogging experience (like blogger nerds do) and Greg was sharing stories of some crazy readers he’s dealt with in the past.

“I’m sure I’ll never have that problem. My readership is only in the teens at the most,” I told him.

“You’d be surprised at who reads your blog,” he responded.

He got me there. I wasn’t aware that he took the time to actually read anything I posted. And I also wasn’t aware that other people besides you guys read this blog either (apart from spam bots who comment occassionally).

Early last month I wrote this post on my almost-but-not-quite jump into [local] fame. Who was going to read this apart from the three number of you? That wasn’t one of my stronger pieces (not like this one) but I felt like I needed to write a new post. So I went through my old Livejournal account to see if I had anything I could revamp.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in today and saw this comment waiting to be approved:

Quite sorry if our upstart gang of…um… “dream poppers” (although the description is indeed foreign to us) stepped on your toes at some point… Just as you apparently found it interesting to come upon that Flavorpill ad, so is it somewhat intriguing for us to be reading this blog entry…So…
We’d like to invite you to our next show…think of it as a friendly gesture of sorts. This Saturday. August 8, 2009…at the American Legion Hall.
Like you said, a local venue.
AND it’s only $3… not even 5.
You might even find that we are “ready to rock”

Greg was right: I can be surprised by who comes across my blog.

And since the band took the time to write that comment, I wrote them back.

After all, I found my little niche in the world of blogging.

Special thanks to the Karabal Nightlife for the invite for this weekend’s show!

    • njudah
    • September 4th, 2009 11:40pm

    you are always welcome in san francisco as an a-list LA blogger to begin with……but I am so so so happy anytime you come to town. Gold Dust Lounge sans cap guns FTW!

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