Sold Seperately

A couple of weeks ago I wandered down to our IT department to grab the manager (one of the members of the Yellow Peril) for lunch. We were just walking out of the office when one of the switchboard operators bumped into us.

“Oh lovey, you two would make a cute couple,” she said in her heavy British accent.

The IT manager and I glanced at each other, then laughed and shook our heads.

“No way! He’s like my cousin,” I said.

“You two look very nice together,” she insisted.

“Nope. That would be incest.”

“I still think you two make a cute couple!”

That was the last thing she shouted at us as we rounded the corner to the elevator.

I realize that it could look cute when two people of different sex but similar ethnicities stand next to each other. Up until recently my whole family was comprised of Japanese people (I’d have to dig deep to find out we married into a Chinese or Russian family). However, as scandalous as it sounds, I like dating other races. The last Asian I went on a “date” with was back in high school and you can guess how that ended. (I think his mother was ready to talk about marital arrangements – creepy!)

I guess I could look good whenever I stand next to an Asian guy, but for the love of Buddha, please don’t assume that he’s the one. I’m not an electrical outlet made for a specific plug.

Unless you’re James Iha. Then I’ll marry you in a heartbeat.

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