Happy Birthday, Mr. Williams

Today is Jamison’s birthday. I feel lucky to be one of the few people he still invites to celebrate with on this special occasion.

This year he turns 32; a month after his birthday I’ll turn 27. When we first met, he was turning 25 and I was about to hit the big 2-0. Retail would bring us together, even though we worked on different floors (I worked in Women’s and he worked in Men’s).

I jokingly call him my gay ex-husband. In the two years where we shared an apartment, we did the following:
1. Dealt with each other’s body gases.
2. Slept in the same bed occasionally, but no sex.
3. Had petty fights over dumb things.
4. Long discussions about the state of things (mainly the people at work).
5. Impromptu cocktail parties with co-workers.

What I like best about Jamison is that he keeps me in check. If I need to be brought down a peg (or ladder), he’s the one who can do it without emotional grief.


So Happy Birthday, Jamison. May you keep your smart assed mouth even after dementia kicks in. :)

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