We Stand By Tradition

My current workplace prides itself on tradition.  Unlike other places that are similar to our industry, we don’t opt for fancy upgrades or modern apperances.  We stick with the classics.

Sticking with the classics doesn’t always mean it’s good.  I have a feeling that our company is one of the last major corporations to rely on Internet Explorer 6 and may be hinted at in this article. Heh.

If it were up to me, I’d have downloaded IE 8 onto my computer already. Unfortunately the system our company uses relies on IE 6 and IE 6 only. I made this discovery when I tried to complete a training program from home; the window told me that I would be better if I downgraded my internet capabilities so the program could run smoothly.

So on behalf of my company, I would like to apologize for holding back the internet from progressing.

In not-so-form-letter apologies, our bad.

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