Long Island Summers

I’m not dead! It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks.

You know who is dead though (besides Michael Jackson)? John F. Kennedy Jr, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and Lauren Gail Bessette. According to Wikipedia, today marks the 10th anniversary of the plane crash. And by pure luck, my mom and I were in Northport when it all went down.

Summer vacation was generous to me that year: the trip to NY would not only involve food, friends, and family, but it would also give me the opportunity to do the walking tour of NYU and NYFA. I couldn’t wait to soak up that New York air (even with the humidity).

The morning the announcement went out about JFK Jr.’s plane was a tough one for me. First, there was the 3-hour time change. Second, the windows only had a half-curtain and we were facing the east. Third, the lack of city noise (and my mom’s snoring) prevented me from falling asleep. It was a soft tapping at the bedroom door and my surrogate aunt came in. She was the one who told us what happened; we turned on the TV and switched to CNN.

And for the majority of that trip, we were glued to the TV. We still made it out to the city to do the tours and to eat, but we kept tabs on any new developments. We didn’t get out as much as I would have liked as the possibility of someone/something being found could occur at any moment. Even walking over to my surrogate grandma’s house didn’t include the usual cooking lesson and memory sharing – we still sat together, but the discussion was mainly focused on the incident and how awful it was when JFK was assassinated.

That trip makes me a little bit nostalgic, as that was the last time I saw my surrogate grandma alive.

It’s funny to think that 10 years have passed so quickly. I can recall it like it was yesterday, for lack of a better phrase.

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